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Civilization VI easing up with climate change in new update

Published: 15:40, 29 March 2019
2K Games
Maori leader from Firaxis Games' strategy Civilization VI
Civilization VI, Maori

2K and Firaxis will be toning down the climate change down a bit in the upcoming Civilization VI update, which should almost double the time between sea changes. The update also brings a bunch of rebalancing and a few announcements too.

For starters, Firaxis have toned down the damage from blizzards and are allowing them to occasionally bring food to the map.

In contrast, yields from Civilization VI's dust storms have been a bit over the top, so the update is bringing them back in line. 

The update also changes how Civilization VI goes about climate change timing, and the natural disaster setting is no longer tied to climate change.

This allows players to set up floods and other interruptions without having to worry about accelerated climate change. 

Civilization VI players who found their armies stifled by the military CO2 emissions will be glad to know that they've been cut in half, with another half available after researching Advanced Power Cells.

The team claims that all these changes should compound to nearly double the time between sea level rises.

Additionally, the number of floodable tiles is up from 35 to 40 per cent, and global temperature changes are more likely to cause storms, especially the big ones.

Civilization VI's developer has a new desertification mechanic in place, which at phase IV means that storms no longer provide benefits.

Once you've reached level V, storms will actually be stripping away the bonuses you've earned thus far. 

Firaxis said that this will result in climate changes occurring a little later in the game, but hitting like a hammer once it's time.

As for the civs, Maori have had the culture per tile from the Marae decreased from +2 to +1. The strength of the Toa unit is also down to 36, and made it so that the Haka War Dance no longer stacks.

Hungarian Empire's discount on upgrading city-state units is down from 100 to 75 per cent, both for gold and resources.

Canadian Empire got buffed in the new Civilization VI update, with an extra point of production on snow and tundra tiles

India's missionaries now get 5 spreads instead of 3, as well as a new amenity for every religion present in the city. There's also added religious pressure along Civilization VI's trade routes.

2K Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Matthias Corvinus of Hungary Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

There's a bunch of announcements for the next update as well, which you can check out in the trailer above. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm preview game play

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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