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Chris Avellone is a writer for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Published: 09:07, 04 March 2019
Picture of Chris Avellone next to Fallout promotional material
Chris Avellone

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was announced in an awkward manner and then kept under wraps for a while, but a few tidbits surface occasionally. Chris Avellone offered a little bit of info - he turned out to be a writer for the game.

Chris Avellone recently revealed he is "wrapping up" his work on Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order which brings another famous name from the gaming world to the title. When Vince Zampella announced it on E3  2018, the game's future didn't seem bright as the awkward announcement didn't even warrant Zampella being on the stage.

As time went on, Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends, sparking the gamers' wish for more of their games, hinting Star Wars Jedi Fallen might be an action game in the process. Since it's a Star Wars game, some fans may have expected it to be open world but due to the fact that and the nature of his departure from Obsidian Games, it is possible we will not get an open world RPG.

Then again, Respawn Entertainment aren't exactly known for huge RPG titles, as their expertise lies with fast-paced action. Titanfall and Titanfall 2 testified to the developer's expertise in this area, with Apex Legends carrying the torch now. Meanwhile, Avellone worked on titles that aren't RPGs such as Dying Light 2 and Prey, meaning he should fit into another genre without much issue.

As per Avellone's own words, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is not the only project he's working on which prompted fans to relentlessly ask and speculate what those other games are. One of them guessed that Avellone might be working on the rumoured upcoming Vampire the Masquerade game which yielded an interesting response from the writer.

Troika Games VV is showing that it's probably Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines that kicked of facial animation trend Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines delivered amazing voice acting, perfect atmosphere and even facial expressions - back in 2004.

He did not confirm nor deny his involvement in this project. Avellone's previous tweet said he can't talk much about other projects due to NDAs, but he would be able to openly deny it as he wouldn't be under an NDA if he weren't working on it. On top of that, Avellone's might hint there is more to the rumour than he's letting on.


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