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Cheaters are upset with Call of Duty: Warzone's latest anti-cheat measures

Published: 07:26, 14 May 2020
Call of Duty: Warzone screenshot showing gulag fights
Call of Duty: Warzone

Earlier this week, Infinity Ward introduced two-factor authentication to Call of Duty: Warzone in order to prevent hackers from creating new accounts. It is safe to say that this did not go well with cheaters.

Infinity Ward's new anti-cheating measures are their biggest step forward in the war against cheaters and hackers. The developers announced earlier this week that from now on, players would need to use two-factor authentication in order to register new accounts on 

This way, Infinity Ward want to prevent cheaters from simply creating new accounts shortly after they get banned. By the looks of it, this has worked splendidly. Cheaters forums are now full of whining people that cannot play the game anymore, simply because they do not have enough phones to verify their accounts.

As you can see in the screenshot here , one hacker is very unhappy since it is impossible to create new, random free Warzone accounts. "Now I can never play Call of Duty: Warzone again because the account that had my phone number on it was shadowbanned," desperate cheater wrote. "You have to have a valid phone number to play the game."

Activision Call of Duty: Warzone's map Call of Duty: Warzone's map

Cheater claims that he made over 20 Warzone accounts but most of them were shadowbanned since the cheat that he is using is not up to his standards and gets detected easily.

Of course, this is a lovely sight to many Call of Duty: Warzone players who have been frustrated with the huge influx of cheaters and hackers in the last couple of weeks. It also shows that Infinity Ward take the cheating issue very seriously so you can expect even more drastic, anti-cheating measures in the near future.

Call of Duty: Warzone

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