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Chamber gets nerfed in latest Valorant patch

Published: 12:32, 11 May 2022
Riot Games
Valorant - Chamber
Valorant - Chamber

Riot Games pushed out a brief balance pass in Valorant, hoping to bring Chamber more in line with the rest of Sentinels while introducing other improvements to the game overall.

Valorant 's roster is quickly growing and when new agents introduce new mechanics or refine existing ones, a power creep is bound to occur. Chamber is one example of such things happening and Riot decided to bring him back in line with others with the latest update.

Trademark was deemed more powerful than the tools other defensive agents have at their disposal, primarily because it could be used as both flank protection and a warning tool for allies who are defending another position.

As such, Trademark will now have only one charge, forcing Chamber to choose one single purpose for which he wants to use it. On top of that, this charge will cost him 200 credits, up from 150, and the audio cue range has been increased, giving opponents a better heads up warning.

It remains to be seen whether the nerf was too heavy-handed but Riot Games noted they would track the situation with Chamber and adjust the nerfs appropriately, should they prove to be too much.

Besides that singular balance change, Riot also introduced a few quality of life updates. For example, you can transfer leadership of a party in the menu now, by simply right-clicking a party member you wish to send it to. Pick the "Make Leader" option and the transfer will be complete.

Riot Games Valorant - Fade Fade's Nigtfall VFX will no longer flicker and Q effects have been improved

Jett's Tailwind should no longer fail to cast if it's used after curving a Cloudburst and the ultimate indicator will not stay active after firing all the knives.

Pressing the "use" button to activate Skye's Trailblazer or Sova's Owl Drone will no longer cause the input to interact with objects outside of the ability.

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