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Celestial Breach Lands on Steam Early Access

Published: 17:34, 03 January 2017
Updated: 10:05, 04 January 2017
Celestial Breach

Celestial Breach just arrived on Steam Early Access

Celestial Breach is a strongly co-op focused flight-sim with an arcade approach to the genre. The game looks indie through and through at this point. Developer Dark Nebulae have stressed that the game is still under construction, while playable enough for anyone interested to get on board early and give some much needed feedback.

in its final form will feature several maps and different aircraft to play around with, along with upgrades and options for your team to complement each other in aerial combat. The game is currently available through Steam at a 10 per cent discount (£6.29) and will be up until the 9th of January.

Celestial Breach Celestial Breach

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