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CD Projekt cuts off Russia and Belarus

Published: 08:24, 04 March 2022
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CD Projekt announced they are halting sales of their products in Russia and Belarus, although it remains dubious how of an impact this will have.

CD Projekt Group will not be selling either digital or physical products in Russia and Belarus for the time being, due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. They announced working with the group's partners to halt all physical product deliveries immediately across the two territories. 

In the case of physical goods, the fans are definitely at a loss but the impact form stopping digital sales may be up for debate. GOG, CD Projekt's digital storefront, boasts one of the most consumer-friendly selling points as it enforces a no-DRM policy from all the games on the platform.

This is normally a great thing, which we would all love to be the standard, but in this case it also means that nothing is stopping people in Russia and Belarus from simply storing any games on physical storage and then sharing all over the place. Then again, it's not like DRM ever stopped people from doing so.

Anyway, CD Projekt reaffirmed they stand firm with the people of Ukraine and while they are not a political entity with great power to change the course of the events, they are hoping a collective effort might bear fruit and eventually stop the hostilities.

Cyberpunk 2077 - City at night Cyberpunk 2077 - City at night

CD Projekt has previously donated $227,000 (1 million PLN) for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

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