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Devil May Cry 5 apparently got leaked recently and here is what to expect

Published: 12:08, 01 April 2018
Two boys fighting
Devil May Cry Dante vs Nero

A few leaks which have appeared on the Internet seem to point Capcom's original Devil May Cry team working on the game once again. The continuation of the story is something fans have been looking for for 10 years, since the release of DMC4

Capcom's original Devil May Cry team might be working on the sequel to Devil May Cry 4. Leaks have shown up here and there, apparently pointing out some of the game's features. Instead of developer Ninja Theory continuing their DmC Devil May Cry series, it seems we might get our old Dante back with Capcom.

Capcom Dante with rose in mouth pointing out of camera Devil May Cry - The OG Dante might make a comeback

Several leaks have appeared online and it seems to have mainly slipped under the radar. This could be due to the game's fans being a bit quieter and more respectful or are just eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats for more information.

We know that Hideaki Itsuno, the game director for DMC 2, 3 and 4, is working on a big project which is still a secret. The leak points to them working under Capcom's wing. What we can also assume is that this information has been revealed because it has been 10 years since the release of DMC 4, and a new and possibly final game is due. Leaks suggest it will be announced on E3 2018.

Capcom Nero showing off his new tattoos Devil May Cry - 10 years since the last installment in the original DMC series

The leak states the game is supposed to release between April 2018 and March 2019, however that seems far-fetched. If the game is in development, the release date may have been pushed back which isn't unusual. The suggests Devil May Cry 5, abbreviated as DMCV, will be a bigger game than any of the ones before, with at least three returning characters.

Dante, Vergil and Nero will apparently be returning, and all three are . The game will supposedly be ending the Sons of Sparda storyline, so we can expect this to be the final game in the series. What happens to Ninja Theory's DmC Devil May Cry nobody knows, maybe they will continue their series after this one ends. One thing is certain, we will be looking further into the leaks happening in the coming months.

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