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Call of Duty Wazone adds free and premium Holiday bundles

Published: 18:59, 24 December 2020
Call of Duty Warzone screenshot showing Mistletoe Meetup bundle
Call of Duty Warzone - Mistletoe Meetup bundle

Activision are celebrating Holidays with two new Christmas-themed bundles in Call of Duty Warzone store. There are two premium bundles and one free for all players.

If you're celebrating holidays by playing video games, Call of Duty to be more precise, you'll certainly appreciate what Activision have in store for everyone who are looking to get in proper Holiday mood in multiplayer.

Just like last year, the publisher have several Holiday-themed bundles that include various items such as weapon skins, charms, calling cards, banners and much much more.

If you are one of those players who never spend their hard earned money on the in-game items, well, Activision have something for you too.

The bundle is named simply Happy Holidays and it includes sniper rifle Frozen Chosen, Winter Assault calling card, Lil' Snowman and Jingle Bell charms and Melting Bomb emblem. Check it out below:

As for the premium bundles, there are two of them - Mistletoe Meetup and Come to Sleigh - which cost 1400 and 800 COD points, respectively.

As you can see in the screenshots above, the more expensive bundle comes with a cool Woods Operator skin so if you're a fan of those ugly Christmas jumpers, this one is probably for you. Additionally, you get a shotgun skin White Elephant, a charm, emblem and two battle pass tier skips.

The cheaper one comes with a sniper rifle skin North Pole a charm and a calling card. 

These bundles are also available in Black Ops Cold War.

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