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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update nerfs 725 - third time's the charm

Published: 21:13, 19 November 2019
Activision Blizzard
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare promo screenshot
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare promo screenshot

Well, we guess we can't fault them for dilligence as Infinity Ward is currently on their third attempt to nerf the 725 shotgun, so hopefully, they get it right in this newest update because the whole thing is getting pretty ridiculous.

On the other hand, it's probably better to bring the 725 in line with the rest of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare arsenal gradually than overdo the nerf and make it useless. We've all seen it happen in various shooters, and it's definitely the worse solution. 

Anywhoo, 725's changes are the highlight of today's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update and they're as follows:

  • Small reduction to base weapon damage range
  • Significantly reduced the damage range added by attachments
  • Small hip spread increase
  • Reduced effective damage at the hip

It doesn't take much to realize that the earlier nerfs didn't too much to stop players using it as almost like a sniper, and those who frequently found themselves on the receiving end of it eventually joined the bandwagon. That's mostly based on the prevalence of the weapon in online matches. 

As for the rest of the changes to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the AUG got a boost in the close-range and mid-range departments, but got a reduced chest multiplier. The last weapon change is the 680, which got a slight reduction of damage range on all the range attachments.

There are a few individual bug fixes too, most notably the fixed misspelling of "trophy", which Reddit users are already having a laugh over. 

Activision Armoured vehicle from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Also fixed were the following challenges:

  • Infiltrator
  • Warrior’s Code
  • Aggression
  • Dominator
  • Munition
  • Officer progression
  • Launch Destroys
  • Officer progression “Heartbreaker”
  • Officer progression ”Precision Airstrike”
  • Officer progression: “Karma”
  • Officer progression “Close and Personal”

Infinity Ward A Juggernaut player with a minigun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer. Killing a Juggernaut is a legitimate nightmare.

You can find the complete patch notes .

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the original series

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