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After 8 years of development, Brutal Doom is finally complete

Published: 11:09, 27 August 2018
Cover photo for Brutal Doom, popular mod of id Software's game
Brutal Doom

Perhaps it's only fitting to see that Brutal Doom, the only thing that can challenge Doom Eternal's brutality, is finally complete after eight years of development that saw the icon of FPS shooters treated to the mother of all face lifts.

This is no ordinary facelift though, as creator SGtMarkIV implemented a bunch of features in Brutal Doom that weren't there in the original. Doom's traditional, sprite-based animations are still there as you remember them, only now they have a certain weight to them.

You can grab them sprites and smash them through windows, use them as shields or toss them in the air and do some duck hunting, again only in Brutal Doom. The game's grab system works on barrels and Lost Souls as well.

SGtMarkIV apparently had some trouble with Brutal Doom's performance on Scythe 2 and Hell Revealed, but those have been fixed for the game's final version v21. From what I've seen though, there doesn't seem to be any less enemies or blood, so props to the dev.

Also added was the capability to drop ammo on the ground, which wouldn't be a big deal in and of itself had SGtMarkIV not implemented rocket ammo that explodes when shot. Yep, other than adding the flamethrower, Brutal Doom has managed to produce yet another weapon simply by thinking outside the box.

Brutal Doom is now officially a release candidate, with the dev saying there are only bug fixes and some Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom maps to add from now on. Note that the game is compatible with FreeDoom, the open source initiative to bypass the legalities of Doom's code being open source, while Doom's engine isn't.

You can find the mod .

Coincidentally, Doom Eternal has recently unveiled some mouth-watering gameplay that I'm trying to compare with Brutal Doom at the moment. As much as I love high fidelity and shaky camera work, there's something about sprite based animation that lends itself well to the, ahem, subtleties Brutal Doom is trying to impart on the general public.

Doom Eternal, id Software and Bethesda's monument to brutality

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