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Borderlands 3 will have a per-player dedicated loot system

Published: 17:33, 06 April 2019
Gearbox Software
Picture of the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

All looter shooter Borderlands games so far have been excellent co-op experiences but scuffles over looting guns one player might need more have been an issue from time to time. Borderlands 3 will change that will player-dedicated loot.

Borderlands mainstay games have always been about two things - looting and shooting. Each of these two crucial parts of the game have had areas where they excel and others where they have problems. For example, shooting is really satisfying for the most part but the more group members you have, the more you are likely to run into bullet sponges.

When it comes to looting, there are other ups such as the "gazillion" or "bajillion" guns players can loot but there are also issues that manifest themselves as the greedy players. Sometimes it would happen that some players get left out of the looting process because a greedy teammate snagged all the goodies before them and then wouldn't share. 

Borderlands 3 will correct this issue apparently, at least according to Scott Kester, the art director at Gearbox, who on PlayStation blog that players will now have two looting rulesets to choose from.

One will be the standard ruleset from the previous Borderlands games - first come, first served and if you feel like it, you can ninja the loot.

The other ruleset that will be added with the new instalment in the Vault Hunter adventures is dedicated loot. Once a chest or anything else is open, it will spawn loot that is only visible to one player in the group that can pick it up.

Therefore, those who would steal it are prevented from doing so and the system should ensure everyone gets a feel of many different guns.

Gearbox picture showing a female character firing a gun Borderlands 3

Kester also mentioned that each team member would be able to deal "meaningful damage" which could potentially hint at Gearbox actually finding a way to reduce the bullet sponging but the post did not elaborate on the thought. A looter shooter with no bullet sponges would definitely look like a dream, but hey, that's what games are for, right?

Borderlands 3 is an Action RPG by Gearbox Software

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Borderlands 3

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