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Borderlands 3 fans worry the game might be an Epic exclusive

Published: 18:26, 14 March 2019
Picture of someone shooting a monster in Borderlands The Pre Sequel
Borderlands The Pre Sequel

Borderlands 3 announcement is just around the corner if all the teasing has been interpreted correctly and while some fans are ecstatic to get another adventure on Pandora, others are worried Epic Games may have bought exclusivity rights.

Borderlands 3 announcement on 28 March 2019 but a storm started brewing just two weeks before the event. Gearbox Software CEO recently posted some tweets in support of Epic Games and their newly opened digital storefront, which prompted fans to start worrying whether the title could become another one in the line of 12-month-long exclusives.

Pitchford's support started in a rather simple which he later clarified in a follow-up. Some fans immediately started asking and hoping that Borderlands 3 will be available on Steam, with no response from CEO. This was a red flag on its own, but when pressed further, he replied with something that could further hint Epic exclusivity.

While Pitchford's original tweet is from 05 December 2019, one of his followers that they aren't excited for Epic Games Store on 12 March 2019 and surprisingly enough, Gearbox boss replied with a question on why the player may be disillusioned with Epic.

When the follower in question stated they were worried about Pitchford's tone hinting at Epic Games Store exclusivity, the latter defended the company by saying that he's a customer on many different storefronts and saying "a PC is a PC", conveniently failing to mention that exclusives eliminate customer choice, which is usually the first in line of triggers for people who don't prefer Epic Games Store.

The exchange resulted in a pile of tweets from Pitchford's followers, each of them explaining why they don't want to play the game if it turns out to be another Epic Store exclusive.

Gearbox Picture of all the protagonists from the first thee Borderlands games All mainline Borderlands protagonists

Keep in mind that nothing is yet official, as neither Epic Games or Gearbox Software announced an exclusivity deal. If it indeed exists, it will most likely be revealed along with Borderlands 3, as trailers tend to have logos of targeted platforms at the end.

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