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Bless Unleashed known issues and update plans - August 17, 2021

Published: 12:47, 17 August 2021
Round8 Studio
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Bless Unleashed - known issues and upcoming fixes

Round8 Studio just shared a list of known issues that are troubling Bless Unleashed and its players. They also informed the player base of their plans to fix said problems.

Bless Unleashed was released for the PC crowd on August 6, 2021. Since then, the game has experienced some growing pains and received a number of patches. Today, the devs shared a list of known issues that are currently plaguing Bless Unleashed and detailed how they plan to tackle them in the future.

Bless Unleashed known issues and upcoming patches - August 17, 2021

Priest Class Patch 

When equipping the Priest Blessing "Mark of the Wolf", the retribution skill will be changed to receive the HP consumption effect only once when cast.

Originally released on August 15, this patch initially fixed the bug that prevented HP from decreasing, but the devs later found that the HP was being decreased several times unintentionally. A patch of this one is currently under construction. 

The Priest Blessing bug brought another issue to light: the "Shield of Faith" skill needs some balancing. The positive shield effect will, in the future, be easily activated in the desired stage, last longer and be placed on a cooldown of sorts.

Overwhelming Defense 

The bug that prevents this effect from being applied when the Crusader’s passive skill "Impervious" is activated will be squished with reckless abandon and no regard for code.

These two concerns will be dealt with through the August 18 server maintenance.

Bandai Namco's new MMO for consoles named Bless Unleashed

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Bless Unleashed
Bone Dragon lag 

The devs are aware of the players' troubles when it comes to defeating the Bone Dragon due to a lag issue that pops up during combat. They are doing a technical review about it and are determined to give players the satisfaction of defeating the Bone Dragon in a stable environment.

Restricted advertisement for Star Seed selling websites

Buying any form of currency is frowned upon in an MMORPG. The devs have promised to upgrade the chat filtering system to deal with real money-trading chats and bring down the banhammer on those who take part in it. These bans will last for 30 days.

These issues will be dealt with as soon as possible.

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