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Black Desert Online is getting new battleground, PvPvE zone and more

Published: 15:44, 30 December 2019
Updated: 15:45, 30 December 2019
Pearl Abyss
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Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss are pretty busy with their gorgeous-looking MMORPG Black Desert. The developers shared a rundown of the upcoming event which brings new areas, weapons and other content.

The western version of Black Desert is currently offering a lot of events for players to dig in while the developer Pearl Abyss shed some light on the content that will be coming to the Korean version of the game pretty soon. There are plans for more Succession Skills, more areas and other major content updates.

The rundown of the special Calpheon Banquet event is available on the official website but it's in the Korean language. However, thanks to a member of the Black Desert Online subreddit, the announcement has been translated and it details the new content for the Korean version. Of course, the same content is coming to the NA/EU version.

Black Desert Online is soon introducing an Awakening for the Guardian class, continued Succession Skill additions for the Witch, Wizard, Mystic, Lahn and Striker. Furthermore, there's a new Battleground called Papuaclini Island and the brand new Odilita region which includes a PvPvE zone named Thorn Tree Castle.

This zone will open up in stages and each stage will come with their own objectives with killing mobs or solving puzzles as players race to reach the ultimate goal in the middle of the zone. As expected, there's new gear to earn and seasonal ladder.

Until this content officially arrives to Black Desert Online, there's a lot of other events to enjoy including a New Year's Surprise at the beginning of January 2020 and the return of Piku the Yeti which runs until 08 January 2020 as well as other holiday events and boosts.

You can find more about the upcoming content on .

Black Desert Online is MMORPG by the developer Pearl Abyss

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Black Desert Online

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