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Black Desert Online celebrates 5th anniversary with in-game events

Published: 09:34, 17 December 2019
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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is celebrating five years since launching on PC. The weekly Succession update will bring new skills for Musas and Maehwas. The Christmas celebration is ongoing and the Guardian class will go live in late January 2020.

Black Desert Online is celebrating its fifth anniversary. It has been half a decade since the IP launched on PC. To celebrate the occasion, Adventurers in Black Desert SEA will be able to take advantage of special quests and events that yield rewards.

To mark the occasion, there is a special log-in rewards event that will go on until 31 December. The log-in bonuses include various Pearl items, a Value Pack and 20 Artisan’s Memories.

There are also the weekly Succession updates that have been rolling out this month. Starting on 17 December 2019, players can level up Musas and Maehwas through the Succession skills. The Adventurers can acquire "Resolve" and "Conviction" skills to level up their Musas and Maehwas respectively. The new skills will improve each class' main weapons. 

The skills can be unlocked by all players who have reached level 56 and completed the Black Spirit quest chain. Moreover, those who manage to reach levels between 56 and 60 can nab some special rewards that include 3 Extra Skill EXP Scrolls and Advice of Valks (35-45), depending on the reached level.

Additionally, Leuheffe the Tycoon will be stationed in Vellia and give out plenty of gifts to those who visit. He'll also be doling out special quests until 8 January 2020 and players can acquire rewards such as Mount Skill Change Coupons, a Wizard Gosphy, and Item Brand Spell Stones for completing them.

The Christmas season is upon us and that means the festivities in Black Desert will continue with more events and rewards. The Snowflake Seeds event will end on 31 December 2019, but until then, you'll be able to collect the seeds by sending gifts to children NPCs.

During this time, Grandpa Cron will be paying visits to many villages. The visits will be random and he will drop various holiday gifts. The players can get their hands on some exclusive rewards by building snowmen using special items acquired through hunting, foraging, and fishing.

Furthermore, you can receive 150 Snowflakes from a box of rare accessories by completing the Play Time Challenge until 8 January 2020.

The new class - Guardian will go live on 22 January 2020, but the players can receive some special rewards for pre-creating the new class starting 24 December 2019. Winter Packages will be 50 per cent off over on Steam from 19 December 2019 until 2 January 2020.

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