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Biomutant level cap should make NG+ much better now

Published: 07:37, 21 June 2021
THQ Nordic

Biomutant is getting numerous upgrades as the game will have a better progression and looting system after the latest patch since this is something NG+ sorely needed.

Biomutant's former leveling and loot system may not have been perfect but their real problems didn't start until you factored New Game+ modes. 

Players would usually be near the level cap, which was 50, by the time they finished the game the first time around and carrying that progress over would mean only a handful of levels left to conquer. With the new level cap of 100, players can have the full levelling experience even when carrying over to NG+.

On top of that, you will be able to apply modifiers to NG+ runs that should provide additional difficulty when you initially start the loop as well as each subsequent run.

Aura and Resource scores will now be properly reset when going for NG+.

Besides the new level cap, the experience should generally be better as looting will provide fewer duplicates and more variation, leaving every loot source with a bit of excitement for everyone.

There is no looting without hacking and shooting in Biomutant, however, and the devs didn't forget those aspects either. Numerous bug fixes and quality of life changes were applied to combat gameplay.

You can check out the full patch notes , which are quite chunky, at the official post on THQ site.

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