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Bethesda reportedly banned Fallout 76 players for using mods

Published: 14:40, 24 December 2018
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Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has seen its share of controversy and cheaters. Cheaters to be a persistent issue Bethesda want to weed out as they kept banning them, but if certain claims turn out to be true, it would mean the company became overzealous.

Bethesda just can't get a break with Fallout 76 as their incomplete game keeps running into controversies like Centurions into NCR. This time around it's possible that the company wrongly banned some players who were not in fact cheating, but simply used mods.

If you are a Bethesda-era Fallout fan, you already know what mods are and you probably know that it's usually modders that fix Bethesda's half-finished games. Apparently, this was the case for the Redditor named ShazXV, who was for using the Ultrawide fix from Nexusmods.

Should this allegation turn out to be valid, it would put Bethesda into the controversy spotlight once again, especially because Todd Howard presented Fallout 76 on an ultrawide screen. The punchline here is that Fallout 76 doesn't support that resolution and players had to rely on mods to fix this issue.

There are several other players who reported being banned unfairly though. Some of them had Cheat Engine installed, which, despite the name, has actually legitimate uses. On the other hand, that reported being banned unfairly had it running, but all of them did report having mods installed.

Some banned players posted what is allegedly a mail they received from Bethesda, that offered them to write an essay on why cheating is wrong in multiplayer games, in order to get an opportunity to get their account unbanned. If this mail is legitimate, Bethesda definitely got creative and such an essay would be a worthy punishment, as well as a learning lesson.

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Bear in mind that cheaters occasionally try to get their accounts unbanned by raising dust on forums, and there is still no official confirmation whether they used a cheat program or not. Bethesda didn't officially speak on this matter yet, so nothing is official.

We will keep fingers crossed for the essay part to be real, but getting banned for using for something that Bethesda didn't deliver would indeed be a major bummer.

Bethesda's Fallout 76 releasing on 14 November 2018

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During the E3 this year we had a chance to see Todd Howard present the new Fallout 76 where he talked about the location, map size and more. Beta was announced for early summer while the official release will be happening 14 November 2018.

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