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Battlefield V trailer teases with singleplayer campaign

Published: 09:38, 18 October 2018
One of the female characters from DICE's shooter Battlefield V
Battlefield V

We've still about a month to go until Battlefield V hits the shelves and DICE have rolled out the game's official singleplayer trailer, teasing four of the featured war stories - Nordlys, Under No Flag, Tirailleur and The Last Tiger.

Nordlys will have you in the shoes of a female Norwegian fighter, resisting German occupation of Norway. Under No Flag is about "an unlikely English soldier" working behind enemy lines in North Africa and indulging in some sabotage missions.

Tirailleur's storyline is about Senegalese components of the French Troupes coloniales, or simply La Coloniale, who fight for a home they've never laid their eyes on. Battlefield V's last story is dubbed The Last Tiger and it's about a Tiger I tank crew who begin questioning their motives for fighting in WWII.

Note that the three storylines will be available at launch, i.e. on 20 November 2018, whereas The Last Tiger will arrive separately in December. That's not a particularly long wait for Battlefield V fans, but it's a wait nevertheless.

As you can see from the trailer, EA and DICE are far from done with their history mangling, not to mention insulting your common sense until you say something, at which point you're conveniently labelled as sexist. But c'mon - a female, a young female nonetheless, slamming a grown man against a table like she's the Rock and Jet Lee rolled into one?

If you happen to jump to the trailer's YouTube page and check out the comments, you'll see for yourself. Many fans are outraged over DICE and EA insisting on authentically framing the kind of war stories that never happened. On the other hand, DICE did claim they'll keep looking at World War II through DICE's lens, which seem to grow thicker with every announcement.

EA Poster promoting EA and DICE's The War Stories of Battlefield V Battlefield V

To make matters even more ironic, the root of the problem still lies in EA and DICE's supposed righteousness, as if they're going to change the world by catering to a population that wasn't buying their games to begin with. Seriously, can somebody wake me up when this aggressively hostile correctification of history and equality ends?

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