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Battlefield 2042 map sizes will be enormous

Published: 09:16, 10 June 2021
Updated: 09:25, 10 June 2021
image of Battlefield leaked screenshot
Battlefield 2042's tornadoes can change the gameplay dramatically

EA didn't reveal many details about Battlefield 2042 during the cinematic trailer but they did so behind closed doors and one of the details is about the biggest maps in Battlefield games yet.

BF2042 maps will be massive compared to previous Battlefield games and the driving factor here is probably the increased player cap per server. With 128 players running around, it's only natural that maps will be gigantic as well. To compensate for the map size, objectives will be split into more than one step during Conquest.

Furthermore, PS4 and Xbox One versions will stay at 64 player maximum but the maps will be scaled down to make the smaller population fit properly.

In the game breakdown from Jackfrags, he talked about several maps, including Breakaway, the one set on Antarctica. It is the game's biggest map, standing at 5.9 square kilometres. For those who played PUBG, this roughly the same as Vikendi which measures six square kilometres.

A total of seven maps were shown besides Breakaway. Kaleidoscope is set in Korea, with canals for amphibian vehicles and several skyscrapers around. You know there is going to be some elevator camping around, at least until these are turned to rubble.

Manifest is in Singapore will see a lot of close-quarters combat since cargo containers will act like mini tunnels. Players can move these containers with cranes.

Orbital will have a giant rocket bound for space. It can launch during a match and the flight will not always be successful. If it comes crashing down, some casualties are probably unavoidable.

Discarded will see players fighting over an abandoned ship with a nuclear submarine. The subby will serve as a close-quarters combat hub while the sea level will rise and fall back during the game.

Renewal in Egypt is quite interesting for its contrast - the map is divided by a huge wall where one side is green and the other is a barren desert.

Hourglass in Qatar is a city buried in the sand. Well, most of it is, such as a giant stadium while skyscraper district is still somewhat functional. And yes, sandstorms will happen during games.

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