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Battlefield 2021: New info on TTK, movement, customisation and more

Published: 15:54, 30 April 2021
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Reliable leaker Tom Henderson has shared new details regarding the upcoming Battlefield game. According to his sources, the TTK will be similar to Battlefield V, while movement could be more fluid, similar to Call of Duty.

EA and DICE are set to finally reveal the next Battlefield game sometime this month - the rumour has it, it could be the first week of May but don't take that as gospel until officially confirmed.

Anyway, as we wait for the trailer to drop, reliable Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson who already revealed a ton of details about the upcoming game has shared some additional info in his latest live stream.

Henderson revealed info regarding the game's time-to-kill (TTK), movement, customisation and more.

Battlefield's TTK will apparently be very similar to Battlefield V, which initially had very fast TTK but over time, DICE changed it to be longer, which many players disliked.

As for the movement, the insider states that players can expect "more fluid" movement, similar to Call of Duty games. Whether this is a good or bad thing, guess we'll find out once we finally get to play the game.

As for the customisation and skins, Henderson explained that the game won't have "anime or colourful skins" like Call of Duty. Customisation will be big in Battlefield but the cosmetics should be based on realism so expect stuff like "ronin helmet, juggernaut suit, cool body armours, armour on the shoulders" and other.

EA artwork showing logos of battlefield studios Battlefield studios

A lot more details about the upcoming trailer have also been revealed in the stream and you can check out the full post on the Battlefield subreddit for more info.

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