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Overwatch's Bastion getting a re-work

Published: 11:08, 01 February 2017
Updated: 11:34, 01 February 2017
Overwatch: Bastion

Bastion, the lovely "Play of the Game" hogging turret-bot, is getting a re-work

Geoff Goodman, principal designer for Overwatch, has recently shared some of the coming to Bastion in the next PTR.

Bastion's Recon mode is being tweaked so that he has a larger magazine capacity, at the expense of reducing the speed at which he moves.Sentry mode's turret is being reworked to have a wider spread, ensuring that Bastion can't snipe the smaller heroes. The turret will still be able to take out the tanks and barriers. While in Sentry mode, Bastion will take less damage from now on.

Changes to the self repair ability are akin to D.Va's defense matrix changes. The ability can now be used while Bastion is moving and taking damage, but a meter will be added to the robot's HUD - draining as the self-repair is being used and recharging on its own.

The robot's popularity among the players is way down, so the changes should be welcomed with open arms:

People are already beginning to see the bright side of the rework:

It's important to stay hopeful:

Solutions and strategies are already rolling in:

A different opinion is a valued opinion:





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