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Avalanche and id Software dig in deeper into the world of RAGE 2

Published: 13:02, 11 August 2018
A dumbass wasteland raider seems to be attempting to kick a speeding monster truck
Rage 2

DOOM Eternal wasn't the only gem worthy of attention on this year's QuakeCon as RAGE 2 made a nice appearance as well with a 7.5 minute presentation of the carnage that awaits in the post-apocalyptic Earth that RAGE 2 takes place in.

The video touts id Software's expertise in first person shooters and Avalanche Studios' mastery of everything open world, which should combine to make RAGE 2 a truly unique experience. It takes place in post-apocalyptic Earth that's actually bouncing back, which justified extensive biome work the devs did, with jungles, deserts, marshes and more.

The trailer presents the Goon Squad, hyper violent and lawless bunch that are likely to give you a headache or two. The Immortal Shrouded are bandits with incredible tech, both when it comes to vehicles and stuff like cloaking. Mmm, I smell Predators. There's also the Authority and a few more, of which you can learn in the trailer below.

Avalanche have made sure that vehicle play is incredibly important, as you could've seen from the spectacular vehicle chase scene. The company have obviously implemented everything they've learned on Mad Max, even if there wasn't a darn thing wrong with its vehicle play. In fact, it's seems likely that RAGE 2 will pick up quite a few accolades on Mad Max's vehicular account.

The real fun, however, starts in actual combat on foot, although on foot isn't quite the accurate wording for what you'll see in the video. RAGE 2 will grant players different abilities and powerful weaponry, making sure they feel like a proper badass from the get go, with hefty upgrade opportunities.

If you were looking forward to the multiplayer though, I hate to burst your bubble because Bethesda have already confirmed they'll stick to singleplayer only. RAGE 2 is expected to launch sometime in Spring of 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,

Avalanche promised to tease more of RAGE 2 in upcoming months and we honestly can't wait to see how it all ties in. After all, its predecessor seemed to have the right ingredients too.

RAGE 2 by Avalanche Studios, id Software and Bethesda

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rage 2

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