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Atari attacks journalist who called VCS a "hunk of plastic"

Published: 08:49, 26 June 2018
Picture of Atari VCS console with a gamepad and joystick below
Atari VCS

In what seems to be the strangest perception of what journalists actually do, Atari have accused The Register of unprofessional trolling after writing "what he wanted instead of what was discussed with him". They even called him out for it.

To make matter more professional for the company who once almost short circuited gaming in general, Atari's response came after a concerned VCS backer posted The Register's article on Atari's Facebook page, raising concerns over what the article stated.

In all fairness, the article was hardly slanderous, even if it did take plenty of comedic freedoms in its journey to the truth. Unfortunately for the company, the truth in this case is that Atari VCS is nowhere near the proof of concept phase, let alone a production sample.

To make matters worse, it turned out that Atari VCS product manager Mike Artzt is equally in the dark as the general public, because he didn't know anything about the product. Other than it being just awesome, of course, and probably worth investing into on IndieGoGo.

The sheer amount of questions that Atari couldn't answer about the VCS is actually staggering. When does it launch? What does it run? Who's making it? Where are you aiming this thing? Do you actually have something to show? None of these, and more, could be answered by Atari, proving almost definitively that it's a very confused company pushing out a confused device to confused crowds. 

Ultimately, it's safe to say that Atari are just looking to test the market and check whether there's cash to be reaped on the account of , an opportunity which they've probably killed now. The company's almost violent response to their product being called for what it is - a hunk of plastic - surely didn't help. Besides, responses of such kind are something you're used to seeing from thieves caught in the act and not a professional manufacturing company worthy of your trust.

Atari Gif image showcasing Atari VCS's pretty exterior Atari VCS

You can find The Register's , and you may want to think twice if you see an IndieGoGo campaign for the Atari VCS, because you may just be funding Atari's whims instead of an actual vision.

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