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Apex Legends 2022 Fight or Fright event: Dates, bundles, modes and everything you need to know

Published: 12:29, 05 October 2022
Here is everything you need to know about Apex Legends Fight or Fright event 2022, including Shadow Royale and more.

Apex Legends is honoring Halloween by bringing back the fan-favorite Fight or Fright. Here are all the limited time modes what will be rotating during this event.

It's that time of year when major live service games host Halloween-themed events. Respawn Entertainment and EA has announced the return of the Fight or Fright event to Apex Legends in October 2022. 

Here are all of the limited-time modes that will be rotating during the event, as well as the new bundles and new skins. 

This new event introduces the Olympus After Dark map, the return of Shadow Royale, and a bevvy of Halloween-themed cosmetics to the shop.

These limited time modes will rotate throughout October, so here are all of the dates:

  • October 4 to October 11 - Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark map
  • October 11 to October 18 - Gun Run on Estates After Dark, Skulltown, and Fragment East
  • October 18 to October 25 - Control on Lava Siphon, Barometer, and Labs After Dark
  • October 25 to November 1 - Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark

Also, there are many new bundles incoming in October. Check them out!

  • Inner Demon Pack Bundle (Ash)
  • Bladed Wandered Pack Bundle (Seer)
  • Steampunk Speedster Bundle (Octane)
  • Static Spike Bundle (Wattson)
  • Huge Please Pack Bundle
  • Inner Demon Bundle (Ash)
  • Bladed Wandered Bundle (Seer)
  • Deadly Teddy Bundle (Revenant)
  • So Serious Bundle (Caustic)
  • Trick-Or-Treat Pack Bundle New skins coming to Apex Legends New skins coming to Apex Legends

The Fight or Fright event runs throughout October in Apex Legends, beginning on October 4 and ending on November 1. Fight or Fright takes happen directly following the Beast of Prey collecting event, so there will be no downtime.

Fight or Fright is Apex Legends' Season 14 Halloween event, which debuts the Olympus After Dark map, rotates between fan-favourite LTMS, and introduces brand-new Halloween-themed skins.

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