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Apex Legends leak reveals full list of upcoming characters

Published: 10:24, 07 October 2019
artwork showing the original Apex Legends characters
The original Apex Legends characters

According to the latest leak, Apex Legends could have a bunch of new characters on the way. The leak reveals that the next two characters could be Revenant and Loba.

Recently, the developer Respawn Entertainment introduced Season 03 update to Apex Legends, which added a ton of new content including a new map World's Edge and a new character named Crypto. And while many earlier leaks and rumours revealed several other characters, suggesting at a potential introduction, Crypto was the guy that joined the roster.

However, Respawn Entertainment are tirelessly working on new content for Apex Legends, and some of these leaked characters will probably see the light of the day in one of the upcoming updates or seasons. Today, we have the most detailed leak yet, when it comes to Apex Legends' new characters.

The image tweeted by a well-known leaker That1MiningGuy shows a sheet of paper, which apparently shows the roadmap for Apex Legends characters for the three month period between July and October 2019. The sheet is divided into three categories - Production, Design Alpha and Future Characters.

It shows several already leaked characters like Blisk, Revenant and Loba, who was previously named Rosie in the game files. Under the Production category, Crypto is listed along with Loba and Revenant and the description states that "feedback should be how to improve their existing abilities".

Furthermore, under Design Alpha, two new characters named Rampart and Valk are mentioned along with their early designs. Here, the description states that these characters are "near being locked down" and that "highest priority feedback" is necessary.

And the last category named Future Legends shows Blisk, which we already . Along with Blisk, there is a character named Downfall and two characters without named and concept arts, which indicates that these are in the very early development stage.

Of course, just like any other leak, rumour and unconfirmed news, take this with a grain of salt, but That1MiningGuy is a reliable leaked so it wouldn't surprise us if the sheet is indeed genuine.

Thanks, Dextero.

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