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Apex Legends dev says SBMM is the future of multiplayer games

Published: 09:41, 27 November 2019
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Bloodhound and Captain Price don't have to worry about SMBB

Apex Legends developer Eric Hewitt claims that skill-based matchmaking is here to stay, despite the controversy surrounding the system. Hewitt says that SBMM benefits the majority of players in most of the games.

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) has been a major issue for many Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players ever since the game released just over a month ago. The developer, Infinity Ward are yet to respond to players' request to replace SBMM with Connection-based matchmaking (CBMM).

For the uninitiated, SBMM puts better players against each other, giving them a much harder fight, which can potentially lead to loss of hard-won stats and decrease in K/D ratio. On the flip-side, new or less-skilled players would fight against each other, which gives them more chance to get kills and eventually win the match. However, some players think that SBMM punishes players who are trying to improve their game and high ping can also be one of the big issues in SBMM.

Many other games also feature SBMM and Apex Legends is one of them and according to one of the Respawn devs, it's going to stay that way. In the latest Q and A on Twitter, Apex Legends Senior Systems Designer Eric Hewitt said that SBMM is set to become the norm for most multiplayer games despite players' concerns.

"SBMM will become the norm for most MP games, as there is indisputable evidence through data that it helps out something like 80-90% of the community with retention for most of those games... which hurts us 10%’ers, I know," Hewitt replied when asked about SBMM.

However, he thinks that the system is not perfect and still needs some tuning but despite this, SBMM is most definitely here to stay.

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At the moment, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community on Reddit and Twitter are the most vocal against SBMM but there is no indication that Infinity Ward will adress "the issue" in the near future. 

In a recent interview, Joe Cecot, Co-Design Director of Modern Warfare multiplayer said that at the moment, there is nothing to say about SBMM but the team is constantly looking to improve the matchmaking in Modern Warfare. This sounds like a pretty solid proof that Modern Warfare's SBMM is going nowhere.

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