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BioWare plan to have Mass Effect themed armour in Anthem

Published: 10:56, 08 November 2018
Picture of an Interceptor in Anthem wearing the N7 colours
Anthem - Interceptor N7 armour

BioWare's N7 Day brought many interesting things such as Xbox One X enhanced Mass Effect Andromeda, but also featured the studio's future projects. For example, Anthem, due for release on 22 February 2019 will have N7 armour cosmetics.

BioWare have confirmed that the N7 skin will be available in Anthem, but have also stated previously that the game will not be in the same universe as Mass Effect. Therefore, theories of Anthem happening thousands of years after Reapers harvested the sentient species of a previous cycle have been shot down. The armour skin is simply a fan service.

Other fans have been asking Mike Gamble, who posted the image above in one of his , whether the skin would be free or paid for. Mark Darrah actually gave an answer to this question a few months back, when he that players will be able to unlock all cosmetics in Anthem through gameplay.

Meanwhile, some fans are still hoping for a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy, which is a recurring question since it was also asked when BioWare announced that Mass Effect Andromeda would be Xbox One X enhanced. There is still no official answer to this question, but considering no one gave a negative answer yet, it is safe to assume the proposition is not off the table yet.

Rumours have it that BioWare will actually focus on after Anthem gets released, so Mass Effect fans may need to wait a while longer to see an entry in their favourite series. Then again, there is no telling if a separate team could be dedicated to simply remastering existing Mass Effect entries.

BioWare Picture of Shepard in the N7 armour in Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2 - N7 Shepard

Since there is a considerable amount of fans who are calling for the remasters, it's quite possible these requests could be adressed soon. Remasters would probably mean fixing some glitches though and there are several hillarious ones that became iconic enough that fans may not want them removed, like they were in Andromeda. Cue the and the .

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