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Anivia will see some major buffs in League of Legends patch 10.25

Published: 19:47, 21 November 2020
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Festival Queen Anivia

The League of Legends preseason item overhaul has left many champions either too strong or too strong. Riot's balance team announced some very interesting changes to Anivia that could bring her back to the meta.

Riot's balance team is trying to put the chaotic preseason in balance with some sizable changes. Reducing the general amount of mana in you can buy in the shop was slightly compensated with mana buffs in patch 10.23. One of Riot's main goals with the item overhaul was to give more diversity to the game by laying more options when it comes to choosing the right build path.

We can say that this has worked with most of the champions but those who had to stack large amounts of mana found themselves tied to buying items that had two key components - Tear of the Goddes and Lost Chapter.

In their patch 10.25 general targets announcement , the balance team already revealed that they will try to untie some champions from the Tear of the Goddes item.

Riot Games League of Legends Anivia splash Can Anivia make a return to the meta?

Today, League of Legends lead gameplay designer, Riot Scruffy, revealed the upcoming changes we will most likely see to our favourite egg/bird - Anivia:

  • Flash Frost (Q):
    • Now Chills all enemies it passes over
    • Passthrough damage is up down from 60-160 (+0.45 AP) to 50-130 (+0.25 AP)
    • Explosion damage is increased from 60-160 (+0.45 AP) to 70-210 (+0.5 AO)
    • Cooldown is changed from 10-8 to 11-7 seconds
    • Mana cost is down from 80-120 to 80-100
    • Missile speed is increased from 800 to 950
  • Crystallize (W):
    • Lenght is increased from 400-800 to 500-800
    • Cooldown is changed from 17 seconds fixed to 20-16 seconds scaling
  • Frostbite (E):
    • Mana cost is down from 50-90 to 40
    • Damage is up from 50-150 (+0.5 AP) to 60-180 (+0.6AP)
  • Glacial Storm (R):
    • Cooldown is reduced from 6 to 4-1 seconds
    • Damage is down from 40-80 (+0.125AP) to 30-60 (+0.125AP)

Similar to what they've recently done with Brand, these changes could bring her back to the meta where she's been missing for a while now.

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