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Ambitious Marauders devs partner up with Team17, coming to Steam this year

Published: 07:38, 24 March 2022
Small Impact Games

Small Impact Games and Team17 announced Marauders, an upcoming looter shooter set in an interesting take on the alternate history where we use diesel-powered monstrosities to navigate space.

Marauders sounds like a highly ambitious game that's coming to Early Access on Steam later in 2022. While there is currently no exact date, the game will have a playable demo during WASD , from April 7 to 9, in London.

The setting of Marauders is a dieselpunk one as the story there is that the Great War never actually ended and nations of the Earth have been warring for decades. It is set in the 1990s, where people of the imperialist Earth are now looking for salvation in space as they navigate it in what seem to be diesel-powered vessels.

Since this will be a multiplayer game, with an option to go solo, players can engage in missions to loot various places and fight AI enemies in order to do so. However, other players can have similar interests, which would then lead to PvP. 

On top of that, the fighting is not all done with small arms - the list of features includes dogfights in space, using ships which can be upgraded just like our characters.

Having both combat with ships in space and on-foot in first-person mode is basically stuffing two games into one and if the devs pull this off, Marauders could end up being the next big thing.

After all, Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous both tried to have something similar but the former is still a prototype of a game while the latter had so many issues with space legs the devs had to cancel the latest expansion on consoles.

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