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Amazon discounts at least 10 PlayStation Virtual Reality titles

Published: 04:55, 13 May 2018
Bethesda Softworks, id Software
A demon from doom
Doom - 4k? More like 4k kilograms of demonic power

Hot on the heels of Oculus Go's launch and resulting cheapness overload, Amazon discounted as much as 10 PlayStation Virtual Reality games so if you're waiting for a chance to hop aboard the VR train, this is probably a smart time to do so.

Bethesda and id Software's love child Doom VFR is now 33 per cent cheaper, which is really a steal considering the VFR version launched a few months back, in December 2017 to be exact. You can pick it up .

Also, fun fact that you may not have been aware, the F stands for the same thing it stands for in BFG. That's a direct quote too, mind you.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League got a 28 per cent discount, . In case you haven't had a go at it, it's considered to definitely be in the top 10 as far as PS VR games go and it definitely makes you rethink sports.

Prequel to the Until Dawn, The Inpatient, has also got a price drop of as much as 50 per cent , which again is a huge steal. The game was built to show off the best that VR has to offer, so it's well worth considering.

If you're an older sod like yours truly, mentioning Descent will be enough to start describing StarBlood Arena. Naturally, StarBlood Arena is so much more and you can pick it 32 per cent cheaper .

Skyrim VR is 37 per cent cheaper and you can get it . Do we really need to say more? It's Skyrim.

There are five more discounted games that we know off, although we're probably not looking at the same weight category. Bravo Team is 36 per cent cheaper, ; Don't Knock Twice is 40 per cent cheaper, ; Eagle Flight is 41 per cent off, ; Eve: Valkyrie is 33 per cent cheaper, , while Werewolves Within is 61 per cent off, .

Sony Interactive Entertainment RIGS: Mechanized Combat League RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

PlayStation Store has had its own set of VR title price drops recently, discounting as much as , which you can find following the link.

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