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Amazon confirm New World's game progression is moving too fast

Published: 05:53, 12 October 2021
Amazon Games
New World - All out war
All out war is expected to happen often in New World, but not daily

War in Aeternum was advertised as something that needs building up to, with long-lasting consequences. Now, it looks like there is a new one sprouting up every five hours or so, on hot servers, due to inflated Influence scaling.

War, as we said, is supposed to be a big thing, with each faction's members building up their faction's Influence via completing quests in a certain zone, over a long period of time. However, Amazon themselves have confirmed that the current influence scaling is a bit too fast-paced for what they have in mind for the game.

One of the developers stated on New World forums: "So, after some investigation, our team has found that Influence is indeed scaling too fast. We will adjust this for the attacking faction and will remove scaling from the defending faction. These changes still require review and testing, and we plan to release them as soon as possible. We will continue to tune this going forward. Your feedback helps us identify areas like this that require extra focus from the team. Thank you so much for raising awareness on this".

What this means is that, with Influence scaling being what it is as of now, the faction conflicts are happening far too often, with the servers being swamped in them, and progressing at a faster pace towards one faction's domination over the others due to them being able to initiate war every day, if they so choose.

Amazon Game Studios Sometimes iron is worth its weight in gold Sometimes iron is worth its weight in gold, and Influence

This is not the way things should be, and Amazon have confirmed this in their address to the community. Luckily, the issue was brought to their attention in time, and they can focus on solving the issue, so the new servers they are launching don't get bogged down with players from already established servers coming in, due to their own servers already being done deal.

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