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All-female team Vaevictis kicked from League of Legends Continental League

Published: 14:05, 19 February 2020
Vaevictis eSports
Vaevictis eSports
Vaevictis eSports

League of Legends Continental League (LCL) kept running into controversies since Vaevictis eSports picked up an all-female team. The organisation has been kicked from the league after a season filled with cases of severe underperformance.

Vaevictis eSports made headlines in early 2019 as their choice of players turned out to be anything but good. The all-female lineup was simply not up to par with the rest of LCL as the other teams kept just trampling them. In fact, Vega Squadron and RoX were warned for unsportsmanlike conduct after facing Vaevictis.

Vega Squadron's infraction was dragging the game out in order to farm their KDA stats in a stomp of a match that ended up with 52-2 on the scoreboard. 

Meanwhile, RoX were just confident enough to ban five support champions during the draft. The warning happened due to the stereotype that female players in League of Legends only pick supports. It is a bit funny that banning five AD carries against Fnatic is completely fine though.

However, it seems like the organisation's publicity stunt that came at the expense of its players is meeting a swift end in 2020, as Vaevictis organisation has been booted from LCL for the season. The official announcement cited the "unacceptable level of competitiveness" in LCL as the reason, following the two dreadful splits in 2019. 

The team will still have an opportunity to compete in open circuits and possibly qualify for LCL in the next season but their abysmal results in 2019 could possibly be seen as damaging to the entire league.

CrowCrowd will take their place in 2020 which also digs up an interesting bit of LCL history. Likkrit, the coach of CrowCrowd, used to be a support player for Albus NoX Luna and his opinion of LCL caused some bad blood in the past. 

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Furthermore, the team was the only one from wildcard regions to ever make it out of League of Legends World Championship group stage. It will be interesting how LCL and Likkrit's new organisation will fit together but it's highly improbable they will go 0-28 across 2020's Spring and Summer splits. 

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