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Riot Games warn LoL pros over champion bans, LCL revolts

Published: 11:23, 23 February 2019
Riot Games
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Riot Games have issued warnings over discrimination against an all-female team Vaevictis to two LCL teams - RoX and Vega Squadron. The latter isn't much of an issue, but the warning to RoX was issued for simple ban choices in the game.

Riot Games' PR department is on the verge of another blunder as they issued official warnings to two professional teams from League of Legends Continental League (LCL). The teams are Vega Squadron and RoX and both committed infractions while facing off against Vaevictis eSports.

Vaevictis eSports is the first all-female team to compete in any official League of Legends competition, barring the ill-fated Team Siren that is largely forgotten these days. As it turns out, Vaevictis so far looks like a simple PR stunt by an organisation who decided to field underqualified players based on their gender, as the team has lost all three games they played, in a terrible fashion.

In their matchup against Vega Squadron, they lost in a with the final result of 52 kills on Vega and just two on Vaevictis. The number of kills didn't happen through proper competition though, as Vega intentionally dragged the game on to pad the stats and Riot Games Ru warned them due to unsportsmanlike behaviour that resulted in the humiliation of their opponents, and no one complained about this as the bad behaviour was evident.

The issue with warnings occurred when Riot Games warned RoX as well, even though this team did not drag the game on and they didn't farm the kill count. It happened because RoX banned five support champions during the pick-and-ban phase. Support champions are often associated with girls in League of Legends, sometimes in a derogatory manner, which is likely the reason Riot Games Ru issued the warning to the team. 

Not everyone agreed with Riot's decision here, as they that if RoX get disciplinary action, Vaevictis management should be held accountable under the same ruling. This refers to the fact that Vaevictis an , simply based on their gender, even though the region didn't actually lack talented players who could be receiving a salary for their merit.

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In light of these events, other LCL teams decided to support RoX. DZM and EPG to go and ban five support champions each in their matchup. There are no female members on either team so there is no discrimination committed in the process, but it remains to be seen whether Riot will take disciplinary actions against these teams.

It is no secret that there is a lack of female players in professional play for any eSport these days, but forcibly fielding an inexperienced team does not help anyone. These female gamers are being used as a means for the promotion of Vaevictis' management and nothing else. It is certainly not helping female gamers in any way, as such decisions only serve to paint a picture of female gamers as being inadequate for eSports, as evidenced by the results of Vaevictis.

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