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Activision demand Reddit identifies Call of Duty: Warzone leaker

Published: 09:03, 22 February 2020
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By now we've almost come to expect game-related leaks, be they about events, characters or something else, but every once in a while we get a reminder that some corporations are ready to go to court over what they consider leaked company secrets.

The latest example comes from Activision, who actually filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act subpoena against Reddit, insisting the platform reveals the identity of the person that leaked the Call of Duty: Warzone artwork. 

Ironically enough, the subpoena was filed on 14 February, even though Activision's intentions aren't quite Valentine's Day material. 

"Reddit is the service provider to which the subject of the subpoena-Reddit user ‘Assyrian2410’ – posted infringing Activision content. The Content infringes Activision’s exclusive rights under copyright law. Specifically, it infringes Activision’s rights in its popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare", the document reads. 

It's pretty clear that corporations are no longer treating games as just fun pastimes - they are, after all, their main moneymakers. 

You may recall that Take-Two took some liberties with private investigators when it came to the Borderlands 3 leak. The content in question leaked quite early and showed stuff that was planned way down the line, prompting the publisher to try and find the leak without actual legal action. 

Epic Games had two similar cases with Fortnite, both coming from users who previously signed an NDA. Granted, the first case was leaked by a friend of the said person, while the other was caught in spite of trying to cover up his tracks using different aliases. 

Epic explained their legal action saying, "The significant changes that came in Fortnite Chapter 2 were the result of considerable planning, creativity, and effort by Epic’s employees".

Twitter artwork showing cod warzone logo and several characters Leaked Warzone artwork

As for Activision, we're yet to see what their plans are for the Call of Duty: Warzone leaker, but invoking the Digital Millenium Copyright Act seems like a pretty clear statement of intent.

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