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Activision Blizzard Media publish study on phones, mobile gamers

Published: 21:56, 06 March 2019
Updated: 22:16, 06 March 2019
Activision Blizzard
Picture of Activision Blizzard banners at a convention
Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard's deep interest in the habits and behaviour of phone owners is no secret. One of the company's advertising arms has published a report with Newzoo, confirming that mobile gamers are influential and responsive to ads.

Mobile games come in at the third spot in the ranking of most frequently used phone applications, according to research performed by Newzoo and Activision Blizzard Media. Over half of the survey participants play games on their mobile devices, and games are tied with music in terms of popularity, right after social media and shopping related applications.

The published results are based on a survey of over 12,000 participants and show that gamers are "a very receptive audience when it comes to ads", as well as "more likely to splurge", as opposed to their non-phone-gaming counterparts.

The top games being played on mobile devices according to the study are Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go, Fortnite, and Angry Birds, in order of popularity.

Activision Blizzard having a part in helps explain why a chunk of the results focus on Candy Crush Saga, going as far as noting that those playing the time-killer are "the primary decision-makers in their home when it comes to groceries." This goes neatly with the demographic enjoying King's product being somewhat older and a prime target for food advertising, according to the report.

Newzoo Graph showing mobile gamer's response to brands in advertising Newzoo/Activision Blizzard study results

We here at AltChar have few qualms if Activision or Blizzard want to pitch in with dinner suggestions, but what is slightly disconcerting is having the same corporate entity who dabbles in of persuasion investigating how to influence someone's grocery list.

On the more family-friendly side of the public image spectrum, Blizzard can now be sure that at least 12,327 potential customers in the US, UK, Germany, and France, indeed have phones.

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