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Amazon Games are working on a new F2P multiplayer game in Unreal Engine 5

Published: 08:22, 05 July 2022
Updated: 09:17, 06 July 2022
Disruptive Games
Concept art of Amazon Games and Disruptive Games new IP
Concept art of Amazon Games and Disruptive Games new IP

Amazon are teaming up with support studio Disruptive Games for this highly-ambitious unannounced project. 

Amazon Games could soon announce their next big multiplayer game, which is being developed in partnership with Disruptive Games, a studio behind games such as Diablo II: Resurrected, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2.

The details about the project are yet to be officially unveiled but thanks to some job listings (via toptierlist ) and concept art on Disruptive Games' website, we have some hints at what type of game this one could be.

First and foremost, the engine - The job description states that the game will be made in Unreal Engine 5, the world's most popular game development engine. Also, the job listings reveal that the game is free-to-play with monetisation systems.

On top of this, there are descriptions like "never-before-seen online multiplayer action-adventure". 

Disruptive Games are also looking for someone with an experience in the FPS genre, which suggests that the game could be a first-person looter shooter. 

Counterplay Games Several futuristic-clad figures looking at a totem in Godfall Disruptive Games also co-developed Godfall

Judging by the concept art, the game could be quite the looker thanks to its tropical setting which would certainly fit nicely into the first-person shooter genre, if done right.

All in all, a lot of exciting details about Disruptive Games' next project, which we cannot wait to see in the near future. 

Hopefully, the studio give us the official title of the game and the first trailer sometime soon. 

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