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AC Valhalla: Pig of Prophecy bug still not fixed by Ubisoft

Published: 11:08, 16 April 2021
AC Valhalla's Pig of Prophecy
Matilda, The Pig of Prophecy

AC Valhalla's Pig of Prophecy mystery world event can be glitchy, and cause many troubles to trophy hunters and fellow gamers, and Ubisoft still haven't delivered the patch almost six months after the release.

If you are the type of gamer who likes to clear everything on the map, or you are on your hunt for the Platinum trophy, chances are high that you are stuck in that plan due to a certain bug. 

Ubisoft has yet to fix a bug/glitch that prevents players from solving the Mystery World Event 'Pig of Prophecy' in which Eivor has to talk to a pig. Some gamers/trophy hunters have been waiting since December 2020 for this bug to be fixed, so that they can take the Platinum (trophy). 

It is not known what triggers this bug, but what is known is that there is no workaround that will allow you to solve this 'side-quest', and that the bug affects all platforms (PC, PS, Xbox). If you haven’t encountered this bug, then you’re really lucky. 

Namely, in Canterbury in the Cent region, Eivor comes to the pig Matilda, with whom he needs to talk twice in order to complete the event. The problem arises when he drinks a drink from a barrel, in which God knows what is, and when he tries to talk a second time, to which Matilda turns a deaf ear. 

AltChar AC Valhalla's pig of prophecy side quest/event Pig of Prophecy Mystery world event

Everything was tried by our fellow gamers, and unfortunately, nothing works with certainty. Fast travel, meditation, reload save, etc. Some players had to 'go back' 40 hours to an old Save game to try to solve a mystery event.

AC Valhalla is a huge game, and it takes over 120-130 hours to complete all the territories and win the 'Completionist All The Way!' trophy. Ubisoft has made an effort to include as many as whooping 782 collectables (388 Wealth, 233 Mysteries, 161 Artifacts) in their open-world game and thus further complicate your life. 

AC Valhalla's Eivor drinking Eivor is the type of viking to drink first and ask questions later.

We are still waiting for a patch that will fix this bug, as well as one that annoys us - the sound of a galloping horse, which simply disappeared two title updates ago.

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