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A YouTuber uncovers PlayStation Classic's secret emulation menu

Published: 23:29, 04 December 2018
Sony's packaging for PlayStation Classic
PlayStation Classic packaging

PlayStation Classic had a somewhat rocky start due to reviewers and users complaining about the lack of options. This issue may not persist for long as a YouTuber found an emulation menu by plugging in a keyboard and pressing Escape.

PlayStation fans have been in a love/hate relationship with PS Classic as they couldn't wait to start the nostalgia engine, but were met with a $99 plastic box with an open source emulator in it, with limited options. The issue may have found its end though, or rather a YouTube channel named Retro Gaming Arts did.

This particular user of PS Classic wanted to open the emulator box and see what makes it tick, but accidentally found a revelation before that could happen. Simply plugging a keyboard in and pressing the Escape button popped up a menu that allowed to customise several aspects of gameplay, such as access to cheats and frame rate unlocking.

The workaround doesn't seem to work with all keyboards though, but Logitech and Corsair keyboards seem to do the trick. Just as Retro Gaming Arts put up a disclaimer on their video, we have to warn any of you who might attempt accessing the menu - it is currently unknown if this can brick your system. Your product could potentially become unusable, so it would be wise to wait for further testing if you're not 100 per cent sure what you are doing.

It's not painting a pretty picture that players have to resort to hacks and third-party workarounds to access menu options that were widely available for free with the emulator PS Classic is using. On top of that, the emulator didn't pose risk to users' systems, while some glitches were immediately shown in the video embedded above.

Sony A hand holding Sony's PlayStation Classic PlayStation Classic

Bear in mind that PS Classic costs $99 and tampering with it may be equal to throwing that money into the shredder, so once again, it would be wise to wait for additional tests to see what the menu can do and how to handle it safely. Tekken 3 may not be as glorious in sub-60 FPS, but it may be worth the wait to see how to adjust the cap safely.

PlayStation Classic, Sony's blast from the past in new clothing

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PlayStation Classic packaging

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