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Director of A Way Out already working on a new game

Published: 18:33, 06 April 2018
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It's been quite a year for Josef Fares, with his latest game A Way Out having launched some two weeks ago, and the director has already started working on a new game. Fares recently tweeted that he's super excited but didn't say much more.

Of course, A Way Out barely sums up Fares' year, seeing as how the prominent director has had quite a publicised outburst where he reflected on what exactly he thinks of Oscars. And we all loved it, to be fair.

EA Leo and Vincent from A Way Out talking in the prison courtyard A Way Out - of the closet

This time around, Fares tweeted that he officially started work on his next game and that he's incredibly excited. Well, he better be, seeing as how it's only been two weeks since A Way Out hit the shelves.

Unfortunately, Fares didn't say much else, so other than the fact it's being worked on, we don't really know much about the game itself. We must admit we chuckled like school boys at the response of a user called MozzyFX, where he suggested the game will be called A Way Back.

Hazelight Studios Two guys standing in a prison yard with yellow ''A WAY OUT'' written over them. A Way Out

Fares' resume so far lists two games - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, both of which closely follow the director's unique take on co-op play and stories told from different in-game perspectives. In fact, The is widely regarded as having tweaked and amplified its predecessor's formula, and successfully so.

A Way Out has already proven to be a hit, with users' interest in the game evident from Twitch's and Mixer's viewing statistics in the first few days since its launch. Naturally, viewing isn't playing and the game's couch potential is almost enough to challenge the best that couch-gaming has to offer. Yeah, we mean PES and Crash/Mario racing.

EA Leo and Vincent from A Way Out in the prison courtyard A Way Out

This has led many to suggest that Fares' new project is also a co-op game of sorts, even though we fail to see what else he could add to the recipe other than perhaps three controllers. We're joking of course - we're certain Fares will find a new to tickle our imagination, be it in co-op or not.

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