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44 million concurrent viewers watched LoL World Championship 2019 finals

Published: 18:12, 17 December 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - FPX holding the Summoner's Cup
League of Legends - FPX holding the Summoner's Cup

League of Legends esports continue to pump out record-breaking numbers. This time around it's concurrent viewers of World Championship 2019 that reached a staggering number - 44 million people watched FPX crush European dreams at the same time but this is not the only broken record.

Riot Games released more information on League of Legends viewership and other stats regarding the World Championship 2019. To say it was record-breaking could be considered to be an understatement. The tournament broke through the roof with numbers in several aspects.

The viewership records are probably the most important ones with across all platforms in Worlds 2019 finals. That is 44 million people at the same time, not a sum of all the viewers. In other words, that's roughly the same as if the entire country of Argentina watched Lwx go deathless as FunPlus Phoenix dismantled the hopes of European viewers who wished for the first World Championship title since China and Korea joined the Worlds stage.

Speaking of FPX, their most recent transfer saw Khan don the champions' colours as he switched from SKT T1. He, along with Caps who played in G2 vs FPX finals, is the tournament's record holder when it comes to solo kills. Each player pulled it off 10 times in total.

While Lwx was the first player ever to not die once in Worlds finals, he did not have the best KDA ratio as Lehends, formerly of Griffin, took that honour with the score of 8.4. Lwx did have the most kills in the tournaments though, with 110 scalps to his name, testifying that he wasn't simply hiding behind his team with little to no impact.

Worlds 2019 also saw the most diverse champion lineups as 99 were played and Pantheon ain't one. Technically he saw one game but that was in play-in stage. Beside that single instance, he was banned in every single match of the tournaments.

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