Team Liquid Hold an AMA on the LoL Subreddit

Published: 06:04, 29 March 2022
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Team Liquid

The comeback duo, Bejrgsen and Santorin, recently held an AKs me Anything event on the League of Legends subreddit. The answers they've given are interesting, to say the least.

Team Liquid's Bejrgesn and Santorin hel and AMA, on the LEague of Legends subreddit, answering fan questions for around 12 hours. These two players are the most interesting recent additions to the team, due to their comeback stories, after facing heavy adversity.

The most impactful question, on the wider League of Legends community, came as a joke. Bjergsen answered one fan that, when they win WOrlds, he will pick Zilean to get a new skin, which will give this old champion a skin after so many years, should this come to pass.

Further questions revealed that Bjergsen considers Brokenblade to be the player he had the most synergy with, while the same goes for Santorin and Flame.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Zilean - Sugar Rush Zilean splash Zilean

And, on the subject of team cohesion, it was insinuated by Bjergsen that his time in TSM was not a happy one, with his teammates being more work colleagues than people he hoped to win a World Championship with.

His hope, currently, is to be there for his team, and try to elevate others rather than carrying the games himself, which is evident with his shift to his, now signature, Zilean mid. All in all, with the current team cohesion and lineup, Team Liquid have a chance of giving us a good showing this year.

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