SKT legend Bang announces his retirement from LoL eSports scene

Published: 00:22, 07 December 2021
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The announcement of Bang's retirement came as something that caused nostalgia to flare up among many eSports fans. Though his career didn't end on a high note, his accomplishments mean he can be proud of it in his retirement.

After years of providing content for those of us that watch eSports, and being one of the most famous attack damage carries in the golden days of the League of Legends scene, this is what Bang had to say in his retirement announcement:

"Hello everyone, this is Bang. Being a professional gamer for about 10 years and this year being my last, I am officially announcing my retirement as a professional gamer and will be fulfilling my duty in the military service. Walking in the one direction of a professional gamer with my experience in League of Legends, I was able to form many valuable relationships, accumulate precious memories and make various achievements in my lifetime.

These experiences are something that I feel blessed and most grateful for. I know that in the future, there will be new things and experiences that are going to be totally different from the world I have been but will take my past experiences and achievements as a cornerstone in moving forward.

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Thank you again for everyone’s support in professional gamer “Bang” up until now, and I will be back soon again as a better person and better “Bang” in the future."

Hopefully, we will see more of Bang, if not as a player, then as a coach, once his mandatory military service is completed. Until then, we wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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