LPL Week 3, day 1 review: OMG reminiscent of their past glory

Published: 17:19, 16 March 2020
Updated: 17:20, 16 March 2020
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OMG certainly stole the show at LPL's first day of Week 3 as they upset Victory Five after being down a game. eStar looked pretty convincing in their win whereas JDG were forced to roll up their sleeves against Vici Gaming.

The first day of Week 3 in the Chinese League of Legends pro scene featured some very interesting games. Although the matches are now played online, that didn't seem to bother the teams as the spirit of constant fighting in the LPL is still very much alive.

Victory Five vs eStar Gaming - 0-2

This match featured a classic set of LPL games where eStar Gaming showed no mercy as they didn't drop a game in their win over Victory Five. Both games averaged around one kill per minute which is something only this region has been capable of producing consistently over the years.

eStar bounced back from their last week's defeat against Edward Gaming and they are currently at the top of the league with a 5-1 record. It has to be noted that the second team, Invictus Gaming, are two games behind them on the schedule.

Bilibili Gaming vs Oh My God - 1-2

Unlike the previous match where EG pretty much stomped VE, this one was up in the air until the last team fight. BLG took the first game as Jinjiao popped off on Ezreal in the late game team fights. OMG showed glimpses of their long-forgotten glory as they evened out the score to 1-1 in a slow well-thought-out scaling game.

In the third and final game, BLG surprised everyone with mid lane Varus which, unfortunately, didn't really do much for them as OMG finished the comeback. The long break seemed to have left a toll on BLG since they have now lost all of the games after the two-month pause. 

Riot Games League of Legends pro league LPL week 3 day 1 results Oh My God with the upset

JD Gaming vs Vici Gaming - 2-1

Uncharacteristically for the LPL, both teams went in the first game cautiously waiting for their enemy to make a mistake. Surprisingly, Vici took the opener as one team fight in front of JDG's base sealed the deal.

In the second game, Vici made the mistake of giving JDG the early game initiative which ultimately led to a fed Renekton and a snowball that couldn't be equalized towards the end. The match decider saw both teams opt for a somewhat standard draft and the game was dead-even for the majority of the time.

By the 30-minute mark, JDG found the right team fight and almost wiped Vici which led to a Baron and Infernal Soul in their favour. The pressure across all three lanes was simply too much for Vici to handle as JD Gaming took the win and continued their series of impressive performances.

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