LoL Esports: Wei loses a month's salary for picking a wrong spell

Published: 11:00, 17 June 2020
eStar Esports
eStar Esports
eStar Esports

Bilibili Gaming versus eStar Esports provided an odd twist as the latter team's jungler went in without Smite. That mistake cost Yan "Wei" Yang-Wei a whole month's salary.

Update: It appears that the official announcement contained a translation mistake and not the entirety of Wei's salary will be removed. He will take a pay cut. The original article follows.

Mistakes happen in every aspect of life, including the job. However, they have to be extremely severe in order for the employer to decide to cut an employee's entire salary for a month.

This is exactly what happened in the match between BLG and ES. Wei, the jungler for eStar, was preparing strategy with his team before the match started and due to technical reasons, only he could see the summoner spells he picked. By the time he realised he had wrong ones, including Ignite instead of Smite, it was already too late.

As soon as ES became aware of the issue, they asked referees if they could remake the match so Wei could pick them properly. However, you can hear a referee saying that no remake will be conducted , probably because the issue originated on the player's side.

Wei's teammates shook it off and put up a good fight as it took over half an hour for BLG to win, after the teams were on equal footing for the most part. BLG would eventually with the series with 2-1 score and it seems like ES management took this extremely seriously as they decided to deduct Wei's salary for the month .

The coaching team was also criticised for not seeing the mistake in time. It was the decision to take away Wei's salary for the month that sparked discussion as one side feels like the mistake shouldn't be punished that harshly while others are sticking to the version where it will be a warning enough for the player not to make the same lapse again.

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