LoL Esports: Wadid and Tarzan leave Griffin

Published: 16:36, 21 May 2020
Updated: 16:37, 21 May 2020
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League of Legends: Lee Sin

Griffin has come crashing down in the Spring Split of LCK's 2020 season, after which most of the roster left. Wadid and Tarzan were the latest departures.

Griffin quickly went from a team that competed in the knockout stage of a World Championship to being relegated to an amateur league. It only took one split, in fact, but considering that a portion of the roster left before the season began, along with coach cvMax, it's hard not to see why it happened.

Anyway, after their losses to Seorabeol Gaming and Sandbox Gaming in LCK Summer Promotion, the team returned to the lower ranks of Korean esports. Following the relegation, Untara, Ucal and Viper left the team.

From that moment on, GRF had only three players from that Worlds 2019 roster left - Tarzan, Viper and Sword. After the marksman departed earlier, Tarzan and Wadid followed in his steps and Sword remained the only part of the successful roster, although he wasn't exactly one of the stars of GRF's golden age.

Now it remains to be seen whether the team will find their footing in CK or if they will still remain together long enough to compete there. At least all the former members of GRF had a great split.

Kanavi, after all his trouble with the terrible contract, went on to win the Spring Split with JDG after beating what looked like the unstoppable Top Esports who were reinforced by JackeyLove.

Doran, Chovy and cvMax were successful in LCK as they placed third during the season, having the same score as the first two teams and later on placed third in the Play-Offs, behind Gen. G and T1.

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The next split should be interesting to see, especially because HLE might find their footing as they now reunited the former GRF botlane, with Lehends already being in the team and Viper joining recently.

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