LoL Esports: LCK Promotion sees two upsets

Published: 23:56, 28 April 2020
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Korea's premier League of Legends competition has reached the Spring Split finals but the spotlight is now on the Promotion games as LCK might have two new teams for the Summer Split.

Sandbox Gaming opened the 2020 season on a strong foot as they placed second in 2019 KeSPA Cup but that form seems to be a matter of days long gone. The team finished the Spring Split at the bottom of the ladder with Griffin and both teams are now hanging by a thread as they are mighty close to being relegated from LCK.

LCK 2020 Summer Promotion kicked off on 28 April 2020 where Sandbox faced off against Team Dynamics who also had a decent run in KeSPA Cup, before they were knocked out by Gen. G. The tables turned in a dramatic fashion though since Sandbox's form that helped them reach the Cup finals is nowhere to be found and they have now been knocked out in the first promotion round with a clean sweep.

Similarly, Griffin saw a fall from grace. While theirs is not as recent as Sandbox's, it is certainly harsher as this is the team that played in Worlds 2020 quarterfinals. They did manage to pluck one game from Seorabeol Gaming but they still lost 2-1, guaranteeing that either them or Sandbox will not see the LCK Summer Split.

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We will know exactly who will say goodbye to the top flight of the Korean LoL sports on 29 April 2020. We will get to know who qualified one day later, as both the winner and loser brackets will wrap up on 30 April 2020.

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