LEC Week 7, day 1 review: G2 and Fnatic reign supreme

Published: 12:06, 07 March 2020
Updated: 12:10, 09 March 2020
Professional League of Legends player Rekkles
Can FNATIC dethrone G2?

On the first day of week 7 of the LEC we didn't see any surprises as all the favorites were victorious. XL's hopes for playoffs are slowly falling apart. G2 once again proved to be OG's kryptonite as you can read in our match of the day piece.

After 6 weeks of exciting League of Legends gameplay, three teams were tied on the top spot leading into week 7. On the first day, we've already had a big clash in our match of the day as G2 faced Origen in a bloodbath of a match for the first place. For any fans out there that may have missed the LEC broadcast today, we've prepared a quick overview of the matches played on the first day of week 7.

Team Vitality - Rogue

Vitality's draft revealed their early-to-mid game focus as Rogue went to a more late-game reliant team composition with a questionable Azir as the last pick. Rogue took the game with a solid performance as their opponents never really showed any potential for a turnaround. Vitality currently sit on the last place with a 1-12 record while Rogue continue their fight for a playoff spot.

Schalke 04 - MAD Lions

While both teams drafted their picks in a similar fashion, MAD's team composition offered a more diverse playstyle as they had good engage and DPS overall. Both teams had a rather reactive mindset as they were more focused on punishing the other's team mistakes than making their own plays.

Riot Games League of Legends MAD Lions player on stage MAD had a harder game than expected

The game went on for as long as 50 minutes as Schalke 04 made the call to go for Elder Drake which proved to be deadly for them, as MAD stomped their way to the Nexus through the mid lane.

SK Gaming - Fnatic

Fnatic left everyone confused in the draft phase as they were constantly swapping between Zac, Gragas, and Lulu before locking the green Secret Weapon in the support role as Lulu and Gragas went mid and jungle. Even though Hylissang had some great Sling Shot engages in the early game, SK didn't crumble under pressure as they constantly managed to get some kills in return as Fnatic often overdived.

SK made some questionable dragon plays in the mid-game which shifted the dragon score from 2-0 to 2-4. In the end, the chase potential Fnatic drafted was too much for SK to take since every random pick they found on the map snowballed into an ace. It should be noted that Fnatic went into the game as clear favourites.

Excel Esports - Misfits Gaming

After their loss to G2 last week, Misfits were looking to climb their way back and turn that "big 3" into the "big 4" at the top. In the draft,  XL went full flex pick mode with the "Fasting Senna" as Febiven being the primary carry of the team tried his luck on the Akali.

Pantheon's hard pressure in the early game transferred to the jungle as Razork's early game got slightly slowed down. In the 14th minute of the game, XL committed to a turret dive on bot lane which ended up in them getting almost aced as Renekton remained the last man standing.

Riot Games League of Legends Misfits player Febiven Febi Febi playmaker?

Seven minutes later, they went for a desperate 4v5 Baron play again which put them in a disadvantage that they simply couldn't bounce back from. A team fight on the bottom lane where Dan Dan cleaned up with a triple kill on the AAtrox finally sealed the deal as Misfits got their 9th win of the season.

Origen - G2 Esports

Origen were absolutely dominated in the first game against G2 Esports. After a back and forth early game, both teams headed into the mid-game with total gold being as even as it can be. Exchanging turrets and objectives marked the mid-game over, and after Nukeduck missed his Orianna ultimate, the game totally shifted to G2's favour.

From this point on, G2 picked every fight they could get and their efforts were met with great success. They snowballed over and over with every fight and after contesting Elder Drake, G2 collapsed and almost aced their opponent.

The respawn timers were simply too long as Gankplank couldn't defend against five people and the game finally ended as G2 jumped to first place, now being tied with Fnatic once more.

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