League of Legends: TSM 2-0 weekend and Cloud9 secure first place

Published: 14:03, 10 March 2020
League of Legends pro player Bjergsen on stage
League of Legends pro player Bjergsen on stage
Bjergsen with the Player of the Week performance

Week 7 in the LCS featured some truly exciting League of Legends gameplay. Cloud9 suffered their first loss but came back with a classic C9 performance. TSM won both of their games and are looking like the number two team of the league behind Cloud9. Or are they?

The LCS has been an absolute joy to watch with week 7 featuring probably the best League of Legends experience we've seen all season long. Many teams are evolving to their final forms whereas others keep crumbling under pressure yet again. 

The biggest winner of the week was most certainly TSM (Team Solo Mid) as they beat the first two teams in the league. They gave Cloud9 their first defeat of the season, thus ending their hopes of a perfect 18-0 run. The win seemed to be far from a fluke since they outperformed their opponent in a rather convincing fashion.

Even though their 12 win-streak was ended, C9 climbed back up as they ran over Golden Guardians and it looks like the LCS number one team will continue where they stopped last week. With an impressive 13-1 record, they have now secured the first seed leading into the play-offs.

The biggest loser this week has to be Team Liquid as they lost both of their games. This recent under-performance left many fans wondering if bringing Doublelift back in the team so soon was a good decision. They currently hold the 7th place and it looks like the play-off spot is slowly but surely slipping out of their hands.

It wouldn't come as a surprise if they sub Tactical back in for the next few games as their desperation for success seems to be getting the better of them. After all, this is a champion stacked roster and missing playoffs would probably be the biggest upset of the recent years.

Riot Games League of Legends pro player Vulcan on stage Cloud9 back on track

Dignitas continued their series of bad performances and if we exclude the 3-0 start they've had, DIG is currently on a horrendous 2-9 run. They are certainly one of the biggest disappointments so far considering the experienced veterans the team is stacked with.

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