League of Legends: MAD Lions upset G2 in the playoffs

Published: 21:02, 03 April 2020
Updated: 21:23, 03 April 2020
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League of Legends MAD Lions player on stage
MAD Lions showed incredible patience in the final game

G2 Esports picked MAD Lions as their opponents for the first round of the playoffs and many were expecting a 3-0 sweep. The team filled with rookies proved everyone wrong and after five games of intense fighting, MAD Lions performed one of the greatest upsets the LEC has ever seen.

Right from the beginning, we got to see a classic G2 draft with a bunch of flex picks in the champion selection. On the other side, MAD Lions brought back the FPX special with the Nautilus mid. The reigning champions couldn't find the answer to Carzy's Kalista in the team fights as she seemed almost impossible to lock down.

In the 28th minute, it looked like three of MAD's players got caught overextending but luckily enough a good reaction turned the situation in their favour and after a prolonged team fight, they wiped all of G2.

With three inhibitors down, the kings of Europe couldn't repel MAD's constant pressure and after 35 minutes of bloodshed, game one was finally over.

G2 drafted in a more standard manner for the second game, banning Kalista with the intention to enable Caps' Syndra on the bot lane. Right from the start of the game, the plan worked out perfectly as a back and forth team fight resulted in three early kills for G2.

Riot Games League of Legends pro player Carzzy post game stats Carzzy had an amazing performance in the series

Going into the 10-minute mark, they were already up 3K in gold and with MAD's inability to endure all the pressure put upon them, it seemed like the game was already over. The Lions tried to fight their back in the game but the gold gap was simply too big and G2 came on top in game two.

Just like in the previous game, the losing team learned from their mistakes and Syndra got taken away from Caps in the draft for game three. Both teams opted for strong early game junglers, which meant that we will see some action early on.

MAD Lions picked themselves up after getting stomped in the previous game and they gained a sizeable gold lead with a number of early skirmishes going in their favour. Caps getting caught in the mid lane resulted in both the Elder and the Baron buff going to the Lions.

At this point, the advantage was simply too big on the side of the rookies and a mid lane rush sealed the deal in game three.

The danger of losing the series has put some pressure on the G2 squad going into the fourth game. A couple of desperate gank attempts turned out disastrous and MAD pilled up 3.5K gold lead by the 10-minute mark.

G2 finally realized that the only way they can stop the bleeding is by avoiding any fights and waiting for their late-game carry potential to reach its peak. After a fight around Baron, G2 turned the game from what felt like a 10-minute loss into a 20-minute victory.

Riot Games League of Legends pro players - G2 G2 crawled their way back into the series

With all the objectives getting taken in a matter of seconds, together with the G2's item spikes the squad reached, all they had to do is march down mid lane and take the Nexus in game four.

In the final game draft, we've seen some crazy picks especially on the side of G2, with Bard and Ziggs for the bot lane duo as well as the Kalista top. Skirmishes were forced on both sides of the map and going into the 10th minute, G2 were in control.

On the other side, MAD didn't crumble under pressure and they fought their way back into the game with the gold being almost even 20minutes into the game. While the Lions were taking the Baron, Wunder managed to destroy both Nexus turrets and the game blew wide open.

Finally, after a couple of miracle comebacks, back and forth team fights and unexpected backdoors, the rookies of MAD Lions took down the reigning LEC champions.

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