League of Legends LCK: T1 versus DragonX - match of the week review

Published: 15:03, 27 March 2020
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The match to watch in week 6 in the LCK was between two giants of the game which are currently in the second and third place. Also, the game featured arguably the two best mid laners in the league, Faker and Chovy, as they went head-to-head trying to establish their lane kingdom.

In the first game, both teams went for a standard team composition with heavy engage potential especially on the side of DragonX. Apart from a single kill that Doran picked up on Sett, we didn't get much action at the very beginning. The first team fight happened around the Rift Herald in the 8th minute with DragonX coming on top.

Objectives were traded all over the map and going into the 40-minute mark, the gold was dead-even with four kills on the record for both teams. Finally, after a back and forth team fight, T1 got themselves the Baron buff and the snowball has finally started.

DRX tried to fight back by taking the second Baron, but they were quickly collapsed on and gold deficit together with T1's overall better team fight potential sealed the deal in game one.

The second game started in a similar fashion with little to none early game action. T1 drafted a scaling team composition while, on the other hand, DragonX opted for some lane dominant picks.

In the 10th minute, we have seen some proactive gameplay with a couple of skirmishes from both sides as DragonX came slightly ahead once the dust settled. After an elongated team fight, T1 came on the top which again resulted in a Baron in their favour.

Riot Games League of Legends LCK player postgame player stats Teddy with the MVP perfomance

The gold difference, in addition to the item spikes, were simply too much and Faker and crew stomped their way to the base destroying everything they found in their way. DragonX's desperate attempt to defend was quickly shut down as T1 took the series home with a convincing 2-0 win.

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